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Track the ROI of Media Spend More Effectively Using Chief Media’s Continuum Attribution Technology

How do you track results?

Most marketers are spending a lot of money in national media, advertising their product or brand. Yet they don’t know what their advertising dollars are generating for them in terms of sales or revenue.

At Chief Media, we’ve developed a system called Continuum that tracks every media dollar, the revenue it generates, and the lifetime value of the customers that they acquire. Whether you are running a brand-oriented campaign or a direct response campaign, Continuum can tell you the efficiency of every dollar that you spend in media.

So, how does an advertiser see the effectiveness of all their media dollars spent using Continuum?

The Continuum Approach

Continuum’s TMO feature imports Nielsen ratings data to allow for allocation of online activity back to the traditional media airing that drove it. Now, for the first time in our industry, you can see the true effectiveness and ROI associated with every traditional media airing, whether it happened online or at a call center or in retail stores.

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