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The Hartz Mountain Corporation Realizes Benefits From Chief Media’s New Continuum Platform

NEW YORK, NY, April 23, 2012 – The Hartz Mountain Corporation finds advertising success with Chief Media and their recently released Continuum 1.0 analytics and tracking platform. Combined with the high Return on Investment (ROI) of Direct Response, this new advertising technology benefits advertisers like Hartz in the reduction of marketing costs and provides useful metrics to make educated advertising decisions.

This hybrid campaign managed by Chief Media, a Direct Response media buying agency for Hartz, provides backend analysis for direct to consumer sales while acquiring data and lifting nationwide retail sales for Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® flea and tick drops. Chief Media was able to utilize the weekly Point of Sale (POS) data to match back to the weekly advertising spend to gauge success.

“The Hartz Mountain Corporation is a perfect example of a well-established brand that embraces new marketing technologies, specifically our Continuum software,” said Scott Paternoster, President of Chief Media. “They quickly realized the benefit of reducing their marketing costs by using remnant media, generating direct to consumer revenue to offset the cost of the media expense, acquiring direct consumer data that is monetized via our cross sell engine and supporting their critical retail partnerships at a greater level than before because of the inherent savings realized. The new level of accountability and analytics is a win-win for all of their brands, their consumers and their retail partners.”

Hartz utilized both a 2-minute and 1-minute commercial that aired on regional cable, local cable, and broadcast with a drive to retail and direct response offer. Continuum provided metrics and feedback based on these commercials for better backend analysis. Information such as initial and ongoing continuity sales data, and amount of revenue generated helped with media analysis. A Continuum cross-sell component was matched back to original media that generated the primary sale to allow for Lifetime Value (LTV) analytics.

“We’ve seen a new level of accountability to our marketing dollars that we had never thought possible by utilizing Direct Response media and Chief Media’s Continuum technology,” said Ian Weinkselbaum, Director of Marketing and Research of The Hartz Mountain Corporation. “We now have the ability to generate revenue and manage relationships directly with our customers, understand at a much greater level what their needs are and where they came from. The added benefit of optimizing our marketing costs generates substantial savings to our bottom line, and helps support our retail partners at a level much greater than we have done in the past.”

Continuum, featuring its Traditional Media Online (TMO) module, measures ROI of advertising by determining the true LTV of customers based on short-term and long-term sales results. The TMO component allocates and tracks online visits and orders back to the traditional (TV, Radio, Print) media campaign, and more specifically to the actual spot level.

About Chief Media
Chief Media pioneers new ways to buy Direct Response Media to efficiently utilize every dollar to its fullest potential. Bringing over 25 years of traditional and interactive media expertise to bear, Chief Media helps clients to realize their ROI goals. Since 1999, Chief Media has developed groundbreaking and trackable Direct Response campaigns involving Broadcast, Cable, Syndication, Print, Radio and Online Media.

About Continuum
Chief Media’s Continuum platform sets the standard for advertising performance solutions. It provides Direct Response and General Advertisers with unrivaled media tracking and analysis, Lifetime Value (LTV) reporting and creation, retail support and trending solutions, as well as Traditional Media Online (TMO) Regression. Continuum supports a thorough analysis of an advertising campaign, from media results through fulfillment, continuity and remarketing or retail sell through, to show the advertiser the LTV of media down to individual airings or customer level. Continuum matches actual revenue back to the original media airings that generated the primary sale or created the retail lift. Additionally, Continuum’s (TMO) component allocates and tracks online visits and orders back to the medium (i.e. TV, radio or print media) and the exact program, network or publication that accounted for the sale. With Continuum, marketers see their true Return on Investment (ROI) on media spend over the long term, enabling for more strategic initiatives and enhanced sales.

About Hartz Mountain Corporation
For over 85 years, Hartz has offered products that optimize your pet’s health and overall well being. Hartz offers safe, effective and affordable flea and tick protection for every dog and cat. They offer a wide range of products to address different species, needs, age, weight and life styles, as well as pet owners’ budgets and preferences. Hartz is committed to strengthening the bond between all pets and their families by providing innovative, trustworthy and affordable products, such as Hartz® UltraGuard® flea and tick products; along with the knowledge and support to care for pets.