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High tech performance gives you the edge.

As technology innovators we create the power to make faster, smarter decisions that enable you to get the best results. Through proprietary data-driven tools and investment in Advanced TV with our sister company, Futures Media, we provide unique capabilities to plan, buy, analyze and optimize media effectiveness to reach your most profitable customers. Our technology gets you out in front, capitalizing on evolving traditional and digital media and realizing the highest return on investment spend.

Presenting the media buying process

“Next to our people, we make the largest investment in technology year after year because we believe it makes all the difference for our clients.”
Scott J. Paternoster
Founder + Ceo

Attribution Engine – Continuum

which media is most effective in driving response? where is the most value?

Leveraging our state-of-the-art attribution engine, specially developed to measure cross-screen and device campaign effectiveness and integrate conversion data, you get precise and reliable analysis about what’s working, what’s not, and where to get short and long term value.

Developed to specifically deliver microanalysis of branding and DR advertising and sales to optimize campaigns and forecast profitability, our robust attribution platform:

  • Distills media and screen activity to specifically understand response behavior and sales drivers
  • Tracks customer lifetime value across all media
  • Attributes online visits and conversions back to traditional media
  • Analyzes and tracks trends in media placement, cross-channel call center response and web activity
  • Extrapolates optimum media spend, potential revenue and key performance metrics based on historical data and statistical analysis

Advanced TV – Futures Media

where is my target audience?
what do they really look like?
which media opportunities meet goals now?

Leveraging our partnership with our sister company, Futures Media, you get dramatically more relevant, impactful campaigns. Programmatic TV transforms media buying to an audience level well passed a Nielsen age and demo, while Addressable TV pinpoints household level reach. You zero-in on the right audience segments with greater creative flexibility and dependable ROI data.

Accelerating performance in the evolving TV marketplace, our partnership with of our sister company, Futures Media means leading technology and expertise in Programmatic and Addressable TV that:

  • Allows for unprecedented audience segmentation
  • Enables focused programming and individual HH level targeting across devices
  • Eliminates waste and delivers highest efficiency and effectiveness
  • Provides live management of the media marketplace for unparalleled flexibility
  • Empowers complete control and transparency to boost awareness and influence targets to meet goals
We Saw Double Digit Growth

The main factor that led us to Chief was their industry leading technology; we find in today’s direct response climate that outstanding technology, reporting and ability to make accurate attributions to the various media platforms all combine for a successful campaign. No one offered us what Chief had along the lines of groundbreaking analytics


Patrick Baynes

General Manger SCN Products