Erica Ladis - Chief Media

Erica Ladis

Erica Ladis

Associate Media Director

As Associate Media Director, Erica is here to be the Director’s right-hand-(wo)man. She enthusiastically takes on the role of helping manage the entire buying team and ensures that client objectives and strategic needs are met.

Her career in direct response started over 10 years ago as an Assistant Media Buyer. With her attention to detail, in depth knowledge of media metrics, and impressive negotiation skills Erica quickly moved up the ladder to become a Senior Media Buyer and Supervisor.

Her leadership abilities and reputation as the office problem solver have now led to her well-deserved position as the Associate Media Director. Erica prides herself on being a very hands on leader at the company making sure to stay involved with all client matters from inception to execution, offering guidance along the way.

As a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn, she is not shy to speak her mind in a positive and constructive way. Outside of work she is very busy chasing after her nephews and niece, along with her extensive involvement in her local Greek Orthodox Church.