Employee Spotlight Q&A: Matthew Chavez - Chief Media

Employee Spotlight Q&A: Matthew Chavez

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Originally a journalism major, Matt Chavez started his career out of college writing blog content for an ad agency in Delray Beach, Florida. Within that same agency, he transitioned to an operations coordinator role for the Affiliate Marketing Department, had a hand in web development, and analyzed daily social performances – kicking off his digital infatuation.

With his newfound love for digital ads, digital marketing, Facebook, Twitter, and basically all things digital, he experimented with a few different digital positions and companies till he found his home here in New York City at Chief Media!

Aside from being the office’s noble fried chicken enthusiast, Matt is Chief Media’s digital backbone as Associate Director of Digital Media. Day in and day out, he handles SEM, SEO, web development, A/B testing, various social media platforms, and campaign optimizations with his fearsome team by his side.

Let’s see what Matt has to say about the digital industry and what to expect in 2020!

What digital trends do you foresee happening in 2020?

MC:  Marketers and brands, because the industry is so flooded, need to make advertising more contextual with who they’re targeting. Content that we were accustomed to seeing as organic marketing in the past is now going to be used as actual strategically implemented ads by marketers. A big example of this is the rise of Influencer Marketing.

Data is going to continue to be used more granularly every day and its accuracy is going to be more important than ever. People based marketing channels that we thought were so extraordinary and seen as an innovation are now something that should be used every day with no exception by marketers.

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Firms that are able to efficiently understand and utilize their first-party data are going to have the best chance to come out ahead.

Are there any current/past trends coming to an end this year?

MC:  Cookie based marketing, although still essential and important, is becoming less significant. It’s not coming to an “end” but as marketers, we’re becoming less dependent on cookies and more dependent on data-backed device IDs to identify a brand’s true audience that is receptive to their product.

In terms of Social Media Marketing, what insight would you give to brands on how they should approach measuring the success of their campaigns?

MC:  Creative is everything!!! You can have the most pinpoint targeting and the best product in the world but if your ad creative is not engaging with your audience or tailor the right message, your campaign won’t see the results it has potential for.

The higher the reach doesn’t always mean the most conversions. Some rely heavily on reach numbers to deliver the best results, but that’s not always necessarily the case. Especially when looking at different audiences and social profiles to deem your brand’s perfect match to collaborate with.


Content that causes a reaction in your audience is not only going to be better remembered, but also more cost-effective to run campaigns.

What are the most useful online marketing tools? And how should they be used?

MC: Google Optimize is a favorite web development web tool of mine because of the A/B testing metrics that measure landing page response. You’re able to change your content to reach a certain % of your users and do an apple to apple test to identify which one had a better conversion rate.

Social platform? Facebook is King! Here you’re getting more efficient CPC and CPM results than any other platform and the targeting is simply unmatched.

What makes Chief Media’s digital department stand out amongst others?

MC: Chiefs digital department is different than any other agency because each day I have the pleasure of working with individuals who are made up of entrepreneurial minds that bring unparalleled ideas and efforts so every client that comes in is treated as one of their own. We take pride in how we have grown with our clients year after year.

Well folks, sorry to brag but that is our outstanding Associate Director of Digital Marketing, Matt Chavez in a nutshell! If he’s not here talking our ears off with all things digital, he’s heading off to his competitive basketball league in Hoboken or around the block to The Ginger Man for a well-deserved happy hour cheers!

And just when you thought he couldn’t get any cooler, Matt is training for this year’s 2020 NYC Marathon!

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