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Chief Media Launches New Advertising Technology to Measure Media Efficiency

NEW YORK, NY, March 19, 2012 – Chief Media, a multi-layer full service Direct Response advertising agency, announced the beta launch of their Continuum analytics and tracking platform featuring the Traditional Media Online (TMO) technology to bring transparency, accountability and greater revenue to every advertising dollar spent.

Continuum, featuring its TMO module, is a unique platform unlike anything else available to Traditional and Direct Response marketers or agencies. The new Continuum platform measures Return on Investment (ROI) of advertising by determining the true Lifetime Value (LTV) of customers based on short-term and long-term sales results. The TMO component allocates and tracks online visits and orders back to the traditional (TV, Radio, Print) media campaign, down to the actual spot level.

In addition to monitoring LTV utilizing direct feed fulfillment data, Continuum is designed to monetize client consumer data; both existing and campaign generated, by enabling several remarketing initiatives via direct outbound marketing strategies. This significantly increases consumer stickiness, cross sell and upsell opportunities and allows for additional revenue streams for the marketer heretofore not available in Direct Response.

Continuum is also designed to position Chief Media’s clients at the forefront of the competitive landscape in Direct Response and Direct-to-Retail advertising. This media and fulfillment tracking platform focuses on client Media Efficiency Ratio (MER) and leverages Chief Media’s expertise, legacy systems and cutting edge technologies to provide a more profitable strategic solution and the most detailed and thorough look at the advertiser’s LTV per consumer.

Chief Media’s TMO module allows for a breakthrough in reporting and tracking; enabling Direct Response marketers to analyze the efficiency of their traditional marketing strategies and specific media buys through every point in the customer acquisition process.

By using TMO, both Brand and Direct Response marketers are afforded the best in class reporting on the efficacy of traditional media in driving online sales or activity. This system utilizes crucial data points to weight all media and allocates online sales activity accurately to the specific media channel that drove the consumer response.

“Access to competitive research and microanalysis of sales is crucial to understanding where revenue is coming from, and identifying what your largest, most long-term profitable market is,” said Scott Paternoster, President and Founder of Chief Media. “Our goal at Chief Media is to exponentially ease the effort with which marketers analyze their advertising and sales data and provide a platform like Continuum that provides all the necessary metrics that have been an unknown in the advertising industry for so many years.”

Chief Media excels in business planning, research, media buying, and tracking and analysis. With their multitude of clients, including Snuggie, Best Buy Mobile, P90X, Murad, Hydroxycut, Ronco, Hartz Pet Supplies among others, Chief Media has built a broad foundation of expertise in Direct Response, Direct-to-Retail and Interactive Media.

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Chief Media pioneers new ways to buy Direct Response Media to efficiently utilize every dollar to its fullest potential. Bringing over 25 years of traditional and interactive media expertise to bear, Chief Media helps clients to realize their ROI goals. Since 1999, Chief Media has developed groundbreaking and trackable Direct Response campaigns involving Broadcast, Cable, Syndication, Print, Radio and Online Media.