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The Art of Trend Jacking

If you haven’t done it, catching any kind of wave can be daunting, and jumping onto trending topics is no exception. There can […]

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Ad Spending Trends for the 2019 Holiday Season

Unlike previous times, holiday shopping procrastinators are no longer punished by the empty shelves and the death of hope as they let the clock run down on gift buying time. In fact, even those not inclined to dilly-dally may opt to wait it out on purpose employing strategic last-minute shopping tactics designed to get them the most aggressive deals possible. Smoothing out the stress this formerly risky approach is the adoption of click-and-collect convenience. This growing trend is expected to kick up several notches in 2019. In bypassing the need to plan ahead for shipping deadlines, click-and-collect, otherwise known as “buy online, pickup in store” or BOPUS, creates the ability to buy from the comfort of home and pick up from the store when it’s convenient. No crowds and no calculations around how far in advance to order. No timing flubs that mean missing the cutoff for shipping. It’s a huge advantage enjoyed by brick-and-mortar companies who have many more disadvantages the rest of the year.

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What’s Your Game? Sports Media Consumption in Fall 2019

There are many factors influencing the demand hike, starting simply with typical fan behavior and attitudes in fall. Football fans can’t help but love September with its promise of new beginnings. It’s also the month where baseball fans will their favorite team to win their division and hope they make it to the playoffs. By October, not only are the baseball playoffs geared up in a fight for the World Series, but the NHL and NBA also officially get underway along with college basketball. By November NBA fans can see draft picks and coaches in action, and December means football crowns its division champions and also marks those fan-centered moments in fantasy football finals. Fall is the time of year when fans plan around watching live sports until the year wraps up. In this window where there are a lot of eyeballs on live sports there are advertising opportunities. Making the most of these mesmerizing moments is priority number one in sports media.

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Marketing to Gen Z on TikTok

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Singing! Dancing! Music! Marketing? If you missed the memo, TikTok (formerly is the app to watch for marketers hoping to keep pace […]

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5 Direct Response Marketing Tips for Better Campaigns

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Direct response advertising is the most common and recognizable form of advertising there is. From coupons to billboards, consumers are inundated with ads on a daily basis so it takes more to be able to get them to act on purchasing your product or service. Before launching your next set of ads consider these five tips for creating more effective direct response campaigns and drive more business goals.

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Chief Media Transforms Programmatic TV Buying with New Advanced Audience Targeting for Linear TV

NEW YORK, NY, October 3, 2017 – Chief Media, a leading direct response marketing agency, announced today new technology innovations that provide marketers […]

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