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Funnel Vision: 4 Ways To Improve Sales in 2020

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The first quarter of any year is filled with plans, projections and no small degree of urgency. There’s a lot of new stuff […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Into The Attention Span Myth

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Attention spans are seemingly getting shorter, but evidence suggests consumers have merely become better at filtering information.

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Why Print Is Not Dead For Brands

Take a look, it’s in a book (or magazine). As millennial readership grows, here’s why advertisers should take another look at print advertising.

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The Art of Trend Jacking

Looking to make your brand more engaging on social media? Check out the right and wrong ways that brands jump on trending topics to raise awareness.

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Ad Spending Trends for the 2019 Holiday Season

What advertisers need to know going into the 2019 Holiday Season.

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What’s Your Game? Sports Media Consumption in Fall 2019

It’s peak sports season, meaning NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL fans are driving massive spikes in ad viewership and associated revenue. Is it time to make a play?

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Marketing to Gen Z on TikTok

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Move over for the next big social media platform. Here’s why brands are excited about the marketing potential of Tik Tok.

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5 Direct Response Marketing Tips for Better Campaigns

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Direct response advertising is the most common and recognizable form of advertising there is. From coupons to billboards, consumers are inundated with ads on a daily basis so it takes more to be able to get them to act on purchasing your product or service. Before launching your next set of ads consider these five tips for creating more effective direct response campaigns and drive more business goals.

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Chief Media Transforms Programmatic TV Buying with New Advanced Audience Targeting for Linear TV

NEW YORK, NY, October 3, 2017 – Chief Media, a leading direct response marketing agency, announced today new technology innovations that provide marketers […]

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