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Cutting Back on Cookies – The Healthy Way to Retarget

Moving to People-Based Retargeting allows brands to serve more contextually relevant messaging to the right users without sacrificing impressions.

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Smart Speakers and The New Age of Audio

The advent of smart speakers brought a change to how people are interacting with the internet. Advertisers are still figuring out how to capitalize on audio-based content consumption.

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Why it’s Necessary to Implement Tracking Pixels

woman shopping online on a laptop. she has her credit card in hand.

In 2019, NPR reported that 76% of U.S. shoppers bought their products online, and according to the American Marketing Association, online shopping occurs […]

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Why Not Having A Responsive Web Design Is Killing Your Business

woman looking at phone to book hotel

Learn how not having a responsive website is killing the ability for some businesses to compete in the 21st century economy and how to fix it.

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The eComm Platform Plunge: How Deep Do You Need to Dive Before Deciding?

Deciding on a new eCommerce platform? Check out our comparison of top eComm platforms Shopify and WooCommerce to help you figure out what’s right for you.

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Attribution Battles and How to Pick a Winning Model

The attribution model you use will greatly impact your marketing strategy. Here’s how to determine what attribution model is right for your business.

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