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What you need to succeed.
Buying Power. Advanced Analytics. Actionable Results.

We’re hands-on all the way. Whether you’re new to DR or have been down this road before, we’ll help define goals, crystallize your target segment, establish performance metrics, and execute the strongest integrated media mix to drive customers to where you want them to go. We are big communicators, data gurus, media powerhouses, and metric junkies, setting the bar for targeted, hyper-efficient campaigns uniquely enabled by sophisticated, one-of-a-kind technology. We’re all about analytics for actionable results. Your sales depend on it.

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Media Buying + Management

Our buying power is super-charged by 30+ years in DRTV and advertising with first-mover innovation in digital. Advanced data and top-notch experts mean precise targeting and real-time management to make every campaign dollar count.

Programmatic + Addressable TV

We are on the leading edge of data-driven ad tech. Leveraging the robust capabilities of our sister company, Futures Media to pinpoint the right consumer audience for your message that dramatically improves campaign effectiveness and a better return on media spend.

Market Research + Consumer Insights

From historical data to current trends, we examine and analyze consumer media behavior and marketplace data to provide insight and intelligence that give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Predictive Modeling, Analytics + Reporting

Our deep dive reveals the where, when, and how--from cost and revenue projections to campaign allocation and performance, retail sell-through to profitability. We provide critical, detailed information for a clear and direct picture. You’ll never be in the dark.

Optimization + ROI Technology Platform

Continuum, our unique technology platform enables sophisticated media to sales attribution, real-time optimizing, and the most robust ROI measurement, using transactional data to determine the true lifetime value of your customers.

Our Verticals

Traditional TV

Advanced TV







They deliver superior results-oriented reports

They deliver superior results-oriented reports so we know our attribution as well as critical category and competitor insights that shape our media strategies. Bottom line is they won't recommend the media unless it works.


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