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Wake Up (Again) To Radio

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It may have been a long time since radio was any kind of a new kid on the block, but it’s the kid that hangs tough and still rolls with the cool kids despite its old-school status. The reality is that radio has managed to stay relevant. In 2019, radio keeps doing what radio does well by offering advertisers an affordable, efficient advertising platform in traditional media. In addition, today it can also leverage social media and app-driven technology through creative programming that is reaching new listeners nonstop. It’s not really about reinventing itself as much as expanding in response to the times and demands of the growing audio consumer base. Wondering what kind of numbers are we talking about? Thanks to the addition of content like podcasts and streaming audio, radio adds millions of new listeners every year.

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5 Direct Response Marketing Tips for Better Campaigns

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Direct response advertising is the most common and recognizable form of advertising there is. From coupons to billboards, consumers are inundated with ads on a daily basis so it takes more to be able to get them to act on purchasing your product or service. Before launching your next set of ads consider these five tips for creating more effective direct response campaigns and drive more business goals.

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Chief Media Transforms Programmatic TV Buying with New Advanced Audience Targeting for Linear TV

NEW YORK, NY, October 3, 2017 – Chief Media, a leading direct response marketing agency, announced today new technology innovations that provide marketers […]

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