Vic Golio


Focused on bringing strategic and executional excellence from every corner of the agency, Vic heads Chief Media day-to-day. Under his leadership, the company commits to a truly client-centric approach to ensure maximum business impact. Earning the confidence and trust of clients and coworkers alike is what Vic is all about. He brings 30+ years of sales and marketing expertise, working closely with companies of all sizes, to achieve breakthrough sales results. From NY to LA, Vic has built and managed multiple teams in multiple regions garnering multimillions in revenue. He took up the mantle to help create the first interactive media sales agency at the dawn of web advertising, and then moved to develop the media and technology DR powerhouse that is Chief Media today. Away from the fray, fatherhood rules. Vic encourages 2 young daughters, coaching T-ball, mastering swimming, and shuttling to gymnastics. Ignored and dejected, his golf clubs cry out for some attention.